Windows Vista/7/8/10

Self extracting install of the Agility Trial

Secretary Version 2.38c - 12.8MB


AGTSEC Software


This is the agility trial secretary software used at the 2005-2018 USDAA Nationals:

• 5 Days/6 Rings of Competition

• Over 1100 Competitors

• Over 9900 Total Runs scored

• 210 Teams and 180 Versatility Pairs


This software is also used at the CPE Nationals and the IFCS World Agility Competitions.


Runs under WIN Vista/7/8/10. The current retail version of the program is (v2.38c)


The newest features/fixes added include:

• CPE Trial Support

• CPE Canine Scent Sport (CSS) Support

• Updated AKC Variable Class Cost definition

• Updated 2018 USDAA Masters Challenge Changes

• Updated 2018 USDAA GP SCT rates

• Updated AKC Premier JWW Times


The software also includes:

•  Integrated Auto-Update feature - automatically download software updates from the web


Cost for the program is $300 (US funds) The maintenance program of $30/yr after the first two years of ownership to help pay for the ongoing upkeep of the program. Or $50 / 2 yrs of maintenance - due in January of the year.


Join our discussion group on yahoogroups called AGTSec which will allow you all to leverage each other's expertise.


If you are not totally satisfied with the software, just let us know and we will refund your entire purchase price. I won't say "No questions asked" since obviously I will want to know what you found lacking in the software so that I can make it better for my other users.


You can purchase the software by sending an email to:


The software requires an up-to-date registration code to unlock the Print and email functionality. The unlock code can be obtained from the email address above.


 Please contact us about multi-user discounts.